Keep the Chill Out with High Altitude Heating & Air


Winter is like that unexpected guest. You aim for a light coat, but end up needing a heavy parka. With High Altitude Heating & Air, deliver the knockout blow to that icy chill. Our quick and trustworthy HVAC Service swoops in fast, putting an end to your chattering teeth.

Spiderwebs in Your Furnace? Not on Our Watch!

Laugh in the face of your creaky old heater. From rumbling noises to uneven warmth, trust our Furnace Repair service to revive your neglected furnace. No spiderweb is too tricky, no dust bunny too monstrous. We handle them all with grace, bonding your heated house and feel-good comfort.

Newly Moved? Don’t Suffer in the Cold!

If you’ve moved into a new home, or your old heat system feels like it’s from the ice age, put those worries on ice. Our HVAC Installation assistance knows the art of warmth perfectly, leaving your new home cozy enough to make even your pet cat purr with pleasure. Enjoy winters without a shudder, with High Altitude Heating & Air.