Conquering Denver, One Push-up at a Time!


So, you’re munching on your health bar and searching for ‘personal trainer’ and ‘Denver, CO’. By some sweet serendipity, you’ve stumbled onto Core Progression Personal Training RiNo Denver. Suddenly, visions of toned arms, abs as solid as a RiNo arts district mural and legs that can tackle any Five Points uphill battle dares to materialize!

Herculean Trainers at Heart of Denver

But hey, we’re not just about flexing muscles and a good sweat. Our personal trainers act as your health gurus, lifestyle coaches and occasional stand-up comedians! They keep you on your game, both physically and mentally – making sure your time with us is fun and rewarding.

Nestled snugly within the bustling corners of LoDo, CO and Denver, our hub is not far from the vibrant life and charisma that is Five Points. Immersed in such inspirational surroundings, how can we not juxtapose the beauty of Denver with your personal progression?

Downtown Denver’s answer to Fitness & Fun!

At Core Progression, we believe in creating a synergy between your wellness goals and the vibrant Denver pulse. Whether it’s strength training or a full-body tone up, our personal trainers with their custom programs are here to guide your fitness journey. So, put down that health bar, grab your workout gear and plunge into the energizing world of Core Progression. Discover the Toning Downtown Denver, CO experience!