A Comprehensive Guide to DIY Tips – Furnace Installation, Service & More


Living in cities like Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Arlington Heights, Mt Prospect, Wheeling, and Palatine, IL, where winter can be unforgiving, having a functional heating system is paramount. Although professional services such as those provided by Discount Heating & Cooling are always the best solution, some minor issues can be handled with a bit of DIY know-how.

Furnace Installation

For the installation of a new furnace, understanding the basic mechanisms is crucial. You will need to understand the type of furnace best suited for your conditions, the air-intake process, and the electrical connections. Safety measures should also be considered, such as ensuring the furnace room is well ventilated and the furnace is installed on a non-combustible flooring. Nevertheless, professional HVAC companies possess the necessary industry expertise to guarantee a secure and efficient installation.

Furnace Service & Maintenance

Regular service of a furnace can extend its lifespan and optimize its performance. Some basic maintenance tasks include cleaning or replacing air filters every 2-3 months, checking for foreign objects in all vents, and lubricating all moving components of the furnace. For more complex services such as adjusting the fan speed for optimal efficiency or checking for gas leaks, it is better to engage professional furnace services.

Choosing the right HVAC company

While several handy DIY tips can help maintain your heating system, some tasks necessitate the necessity of a professional HVAC company. When choosing an HVAC company, ensure they are licensed, insured, and provide warranties for their services. Also, get references or read online reviews to learn more about their reputation.

Heating Installation & Heating Repair

Installing a new heating system can be a complex process that includes electrical connections, installing ducts, and setting up the system controls. This is a task best left to professionals to prevent any future issues or damage. In the event your heating system breaks down, run basic troubleshooting such as checking for power issues or any visible damage. However, for safety reasons, do not attempt to repair or replace any major components. This should be left to a professional.

To recap, while there are several tasks that a homeowner can comfortably handle, professional companies like Discount Heating & Cooling are ready to lend a hand with any complex services or installations. They can ensure the utmost safety, efficiency, and longevity of your heating system.