Beat the Heat: Aluminum Foil Hats and Other AC Myths Busted!


Tired of the summer sun turning your living room into a makeshift sauna? You’ve certainly googled ‘quick-fix AC repair’ more times than you’d like to admit. Well, Choice Heating is here to not only to keep you cool but to also enlighten you about some hilarious HVAC myths.

Myth #1: Your AC Doubles as a Monster Repellent

Whispers around Albany, NY, suggest that a running air conditioner frightens monsters away. While we admire the creativity, unfortunately, your AC service does not include an anti-monster guarantee. It’s designed for optimum temperature control.

Myth #2: Duct Tape Fixes Everything

A common belief in Troy, NY is that duct tape can cure all AC problems. Not quite! We usually recommend a professional air conditioner repair rather than DIY solutions. Choice Heating’s team will always be at your service!

Myth #3: HVAC Installation is a Piece of Cake

A hilarious chunk of misinformation floating in Latham, NY says that installing an HVAC system is as easy as pie! In reality, it’s a meticulous task best left to professionals.

Hopefully, these chuckle-inducing AC myths have brightened your day! Remember, Choice Heating is just a call away for all your air conditioner woes.