Towne Housing Real Estate: Where Quirky Meets Cozy


Welcome to Towne Housing Real Estate, where finding your dream abode is an adventure! Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned investor, we’ve got you covered with our expert team of real estate professionals who are as quirky as the properties we offer.

Professional Property Management Services

Tired of dealing with nightmare tenants? Let our property management wizards take the reins! We’ll handle everything from screening prospective renters to collecting rent and even handling those pesky maintenance requests. And trust us, we’ve seen it all – from a tenant who insisted on living with their pet alpaca to one who turned their living room into a mini-golf course. Quirky? Yes. Boring? Never!

Commercial Property Sales: Where Whimsy Meets Business

Looking for the perfect commercial space to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit? Our quirky commercial properties are like a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get! From a former circus tent turned office space to a converted train station that now houses a trendy café, we’ve got the perfect spot for your unique business venture.

Rental or Related Topics: A Quirky Twist on Traditional Living

Sick of the same old, same old when it comes to rental properties? At Towne Housing Real Estate, we embrace the quirky! Whether you’re looking for a cozy treehouse apartment or a converted school bus to call home, we’ve got rental options that will make your friends green with envy (and maybe a little confused).

So, what are you waiting for? Join the quirky crew at Towne Housing Real Estate and let us help you find your perfect dream home, commercial space, or rental property. Because let’s face it, life’s too short to live in a boring box!