Keeping Cool A Day in the Life


Morning Kickoff

The day begins at 7 AM with a team huddle at the C. Albert Matthews office. Our project manager reviews the schedule and assigns crews to different job sites. Today, I’m headed to a residential AC Repair call with my partner, Mike.

On the Road

  • We load up the van with our tools and replacement parts.
  • Traffic is light, so we make good time to the customer’s home.

Troubleshooting the Issue

Upon arrival, we meet with the homeowner who explains that their HVAC system isn’t cooling properly. We perform a series of diagnostic tests to identify the problem:

  1. Check the refrigerant levels
  2. Inspect the ductwork for leaks
  3. Test the thermostat and electrical components

After some investigation, we determine that the compressor needs to be replaced.

Professional Installation

Mike and I work efficiently to complete the Professional Air Conditioning Installation of the new compressor unit. We follow all safety protocols and ensure proper ventilation and insulation. The customer is impressed with our diligence and attention to detail.

Job Complete

With the new compressor humming along, we clean up the work area and review the job with the homeowner. They’re thrilled to have their cooling system back in top shape for the summer months ahead. It’s been another successful day on the job for the C. Albert Matthews team!