Furnace Repair and replacement

The age of your existing unit and its level of wear will be factors to decide whether to fix your existing unit or buy a new furnace. A certified technician has a trained eye to help you make this decision. Your long-term cost and comfort will be important to think about in a pros and cons list. Repairing the old unit is a lower initial cost to you. However, the cost for temporary repairs and service visits can quickly add up, especially in aging units. Another cost is higher monthly energy bills from a unit operating at reduced efficiency. A new unit requires you to put more money down up front. But long-term, you will avoid extra service calls and lower your monthly energy bills. Expect a 20-year life expectancy from a properly maintained unit. In addition, attractive financing can help you get the comfort you deserve.

Furnace Tune Up

Did you know you may be losing up to 5% efficiency of your air conditioner and furnace if not properly maintained? Investing in the maintenance of your heating and cooling units will help you save money on utilities now, and will also save you money in repair and replacement costs in the long run.

Heat Pump Service

The heat pump is the heart of an HVAC system, because it is responsible for the releasing of heat into the indoor space. We understand the importance of this part of your heating system. That is why we, at Sweatman’s have selected only the best technicians to do your emergency heat pump repair. We always make certain that our employees have all the necessary qualifications to ensure that our clients are receiving nothing but the best service possible. In addition to being excellent professionals, they are also trustworthy. We want you to feel safe in your property, that is why we have taken care of every little detail. We invest our best efforts in ensuring that your premises are warm enough during the cold season. Apart from heat pumps, our company is also an expert on furnaces, ventilation systems and refrigeration equipment. We work hard to meet and exceed your expectations about the quality of service and products we offer.


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